Fastest Hoverboards – Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever thought of skateboard having an engine with itself like a rocket? It’s cool because it’s not just a theory anymore, however, a new product has been introduced which boosted all the attention seekers in the market. Yeah, I am talking about the Self Balancing Scooters or mostly famous by the name Hoverboard. So in this article, you are going to know about the Fastest Hoverboards of 2018!

Although it’s the perfect match for all those who are the technophile, since its inception in the market, it got several dissatisfactory comments regarding the batteries of hoverboards from the customers. Such cases have been informed to the companies about the short-circuiting of these products which were the reason for the decline of it from the market. So you must be aware of the market and be mindful of which company you are going to buy your hoverboard.

Be patient as hoverboards have come inside market again with all new features which has overcome its previous decline. Some of you might have got an unsatisfying look at every product they are going to buy; this article has been written especially for them. So, for all the technology lovers read this article till the end as its going to answer all your queries regarding the hoverboards.

Why should you buy a Fastest Hoverboard?

If you are querying about the unique features that the fastest hoverboards have then you need to listen to me carefully as I am going to tell you all the details which cover all the reasons for the question most of you have “Why should I buy the fastest hoverboard?”.

Following are the heart trending features which company has set in its product for its customers to gain their trust and satisfaction.

Your Child Has Been Inactive?

Most of today’s children love technology and are so much obsessed with it. Laptop, tablets and other tools have made them much clumsy. These kinds of technology which makes them sit in one place and stare at a screen are much harmful to their health as well. The best solution is to provide them something which is fun and as well health caring. Hoverboards are not only stylish for attention seeking but also a tool to have fun with by going out of the house and learn skills with hoverboard as well. It’s a combination of skateboard and scooter which makes a new adventure in the life of your child.

Skill Learning For Your Child.

Do you want your child to have a good grip on athletics and gymnastics? Then it’s good news for you as for today’s world and obsession of children with machines still it is possible for them to learn such skills with the help of machines as well. It not only provides a good facility for your child but also strengthens their skills. Although hoverboard has the mechanism of self-balancing still its riding is not an easy task and needs to be practiced just like scooter and skateboard. So your child must learn the skill to ride the hoverboard provided by you. It will be a fun for your child!

Ease in Usage

If you are thinking it will need you to learn how to balance and ride the hoverboard as like those of other machines, don’t worry as hoverboards are easy to use and balance. As its name indicates it’s an automatic self-balance machine which enables you to move freely at any place you wish to go.

Hoverboard In Everywhere Usage!

You need not take a headache for the portability of hoverboards as it is easy to maintain while going out for a picnic or even traveling. You can easily place it in your car while going for a picnic and it’s also manageable inside your suitcase to take it while traveling. Its kind of product which enables you to have a great variety of fun with the least burden.

Fastest Hoverboards Comparison Table

Although for most of the users it is difficult to understand which hoverboard is best for them to buy, I have listed all the features in detail for you, so you can skim through it and find your desired one out of the list. The following table best explains the best hoverboards from different companies nowadays in the market.

Hoverboard NameSpeedWeightBattery backupBluetoothPrice $$
EPIKGO Best Hovverboard10 mph31lbs10 miles4.0 Enabled check price
TOMOLOO12 mph24lbs12 miles4.0 Enabled check price
Segway miniPro Fastest Hoverboard (Editor's Choice)13 mph85lbs12.5 miles4.0 Enabled check price
HoverBird I58 mph20lbs11 milesEnabled check price
Skque X1 UL 227212 mph25lbs12 miles4.0 Enabled check price
Mega Wheels7.5 mph26.3lbs10 miles4.0 Enabled check price
Jetson V812 mph35 lbs15 miles4.0 Enabled check price
Swagtron T612 mph27 lbs12 milesEnabled check price
Eyourlife Hoverboard10 mph22 lbs12 milesNo check price
Sagaplay F110 mph22 lbs13 milesEnabled check price

Fastest Hoverboards Reviews 2018

EPIKGO : Best Hoverboard

If you are thinking you cannot buy a Hoverboard because you live in an area where there are all steep and uneven roads, you are totally wrong as EPIKGO hoverboard is just made for you. This is the type of hoverboard which makes you feel smooth while riding on uneven roads and makes your glide jerk less because of special material in its tires. Let EPIKGO make your life enjoyable!

EPIKGO best hoverboardsWhy choose EPIKGO?

Following are the reasons you will love to hear about the hoverboard, which will make you satisfy for choosing EPIKGO hoverboard.

  • Viable Price: The foremost eye-catching characteristic of EPIKGO Hoverboard is its economic price which is affordable for its customers. So, you need not worry much about the price because you are getting a lasting and good product in an economical range.
  • Terrain Character: EPIKGO is the product able to be a ride on steepest and uneven surfaces so can be labeled as the wild rider you can have.
  • Charging Performance: It has a smart charger which can charge just 1-2 hours.
  • Your Safety: It has got a generous limit speed of 10mph while assuring you your safety and security.
  • Sturdy Motors: It has got dual super strong motors for your best experience of gliding on it. Its skirmishes the road while riding to assure your balance.

Recommended for?
If you are a sportsman or a person living in hilly areas, then this hoverboard is best for you as its features are all according to your standards of living and methods of use.

Structure And Design
Its smart structure can gain the interest of its customers through its alloy wheels and LED lights. Its extra width board makes the rider more comfortable and the charging capacity boosts the mind. Its range in colors makes the flexibility to be driven more in the keenness of clients.

Features and Performance:

The main features which make this product worth to be bought are described in the best manner possible as follows:

  • Dual Sturdy Motors: It has got 400W dual motors on its every side which makes it able to move on the steep ground.
  • Charging Time: It has to be charged for about 1-2 hours and can be a ride on for 10-mile range.
  • Sport featured Tires: Its tires makes it a unique one for the sports purpose usage.
  • Alloy Wheels: Its alloy wheels not make it handsome enough but also works for the motors fitted by its side.
  • LED lights: It has got a pair of LED lights which makes the glider to see in the darkness where to go.

UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified: It’s being UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified for assuring the customers that this product has gone the tests and is ready to be used safely.


  • Smooth gliding on all terrains and hilly surfaces
  • The most strong and resistant character
  • Self-balance for having a big size and dual sturdy motors
  • The generous Speed limit of 10mph
  • Assures with having a 1-year warranty


  • Large wheels resulting in instability of rider because of the increase of height of gravity from the surface
  • No battery indicator
  • Not suitable for children

Companies have researched every need of people and according to same needs, they have made their products for making their customers’ trust and satisfaction and here is the result of their work.

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2. Tomoloo Hoverboard – 

Tomoloo is a newcomer in the world of hoverboards as it came in 2013 but in this span of time, it proved itself to be effective and non-costly in all respect. Let’s know more about this by peeping into its details.

tamoloo hoverboardWhy choose Tomoloo?

For choosing this product you must be looking into your desires of a suitable hoverboard for yourself. So, if the following details fit your need then don’t delay and just hit the buy button.

  • Children Friendly: If you want to buy your child a hoverboard then it’s the best product you can get as its all features are specially made for children. But be careful by children I mean 10 to 15-year-old folks.
  • Turning Response: Because of its design and structure its turning circles is not as much responsive as other hoverboards which makes it secure enough for your children.
  • Bluetooth feature: Its Bluetooth feature makes your children crazy enough for this product as its speakers and LED lights are Bluetooth enabled and makes it be controlled by your smartphone.
  • Speed control: Its speed and rider modes are also being enabled through your smartphone, so you can easily control your child’s hoverboard and no need to worry about their security.

Recommended for?
If you are an ever-worried parent, then don’t put your child away from his interest because of your worries as Tomoloo has brought a suitable hoverboard for your child with all those features which can gain your trust.

Structure And Design
Tomoloo has got a handsome structure with all those characteristics needed for a customer who knows what to buy including effective engine, dual smart LED lights and charger, broad with smaller plastic wheels which makes it easy-transportable

Features and Performance:

The unique features of Tomoloo have brought about you for its most effective and ease in performance. Tomoloo has to be designed in a manner for its better performance in your hand so keep reading its features to know what you are going to buy:

  • Price friendly: Tomoloo has got an affordable price in the range $200 to $299 which is affordable for different customers.
  • Speed craze: Its speed is up to 12mph for you who has speed craze.
  • Charging flexibility: it has an automatic charger and the time for charging is 2 hours. So there is no need for you to wait for the entire day for your hoverboard to be charged so that it can be used.
  • High-quality Battery: UL 2271 Samsung 36V/4.3 Ah Lithium-ion Battery, it means you should be confident enough for not worrying about the battery issues of your hoverboard.
  • Single Silent motor: it is being powered by a single 300W motor which is being accessed by the dual motherboard to towards the wheels.
  • Bluetooth: Its interesting feature is that it is Bluetooth enabled which makes you connect it to your speaker and as well get smart control over your hoverboard.
  • UL22772 certified: All its internal parts have approved by UL22772 tests which prove their well-made certification.
  • RGB lighting: It is enabled with RGB lighting whose color and the effect is dazzling. Especially for those customers for whom quality matter along with the appearance.


  • High performing motors
  • Attired speed performer with long-lasting battery life
  • UL22772 safety certified
  • Affordable Price
  • Good performer for beginner riders and children


  • Different modes give some unsatisfying results as Q# mode performs only at its maximum output
  • The board vibrates after being used consecutively
  • Its outer shell is easy to be damaged and scratched
  • Its weight is a bit too heavy for smaller children
  • The capacity observed is a bit high so first, you shall try it on its near limits.

Tomoloo has relatively being made for all those customers who are looking for a product which is effective in its main performance. Although this hoverboard still has some imperfections its experience with other customers has been good enough.

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3. Segway miniPro : Fastest Hoverboard (Editor’s Choice)

Segway has a name in the field since it was the first company to introduce the world with such a product. MiniPro is the one of the customer satisfying product introduced in the market with different properties you need to consider in the hoverboard you are going to buy. So, keep reading this for knowing what you want and what you need in your hoverboard!

Segway miniPro fastest hoverboardWhy should you choose Segway miniPro?

You know you must buy a hoverboard which is good from all aspects and as well reasonable but despite all the trials, a company must provide a satisfying product it still lacks features which customers want. But you should know that Segway is a well-known company which has gone through all these practices before and miniPro introduced by this company has all the required certifications and features for satisfying its customers.

Safety Your First Priority!
In every transportation, you need your and your family’s safety for any purpose! Its structure has been designed in a way to secure your safety during speeding up and as well while taking sharp turns.

Strong Hardware better software!

Its software is designed by bet soft engineers which make its performance in great variance and also a sturdy hardware for every place to be used!

UL Approved!

Yes, it’s the first hoverboard which is approved by the experts and is certified by the UL.

Different Varieties:

It’s not only made for adults but its other model Segway Lite is being specially made for children. So same features and security can be found in the series of its model for every age of your family members.

Recommended for?
If you are parker player and love to roam about, then it is definitely for you. Moreover, you can also buy this other model of this product for your child who has the same hobby as yours.

Structure and Design:

  • Jerk absorber 10.5-inch pneumatic air filled tires for a smooth glide experience
  • The sturdy frame of magnesium alloy
  • Bluetooth connected mobile app for control of all features: remote control operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • 13 mph top speed and 12.5 miles range
  • 220lbs of load, light-weight appropriate for the age of 16+

Features and Performance:

Though the name of the company matters a lot but still you need to know the features of its products for your final selection to buy the product. Here I want to guide you through all the unique features which this hoverboard have.

  • Safe journey: It’s safe to travel with miniPro everywhere you need to go including hilly areas and rough roads.
  • Shock permeable tires: Tired of shocks and jerks experienced from your vehicle? No need to worry now because miniPro has provided you with tires which are absolutely shock absorber. A tread is being added to its tires for skidding and to reinforce grip.
  • Advanced Kneebar: The innovation in miniPro’s feature is its knee bar which helps you to get complete control over your ride and no need to pivot your whole weight on one knee while taking a turn.
  • Anti-theft System: Gone a place where you should park your hoverboard?! Yes, you have read right! You can park your hoverboard with its anti-theft software which alerts by alarming its beep. It also tells you on your smartphone! So, don’t think to take it everywhere with yourself
  • LED lights: It has got LED lights which makes you visible on the road. It’s an automatic technology which doesn’t need your attention for its control.


  • Name of the matters a lot because of the experience and trust you can get from it. Therefore, you cannot doubt the durability of miniPro. So is the best option for you!
  • Light-weighted frame made of magnesium alloy.
  • For reaching the top speed desired dual motors of power 1600W is present.
  • For your comfort and better control over hoverboard, the padded knee bar is introduced for steering the electric wheels and motors.
  • It is available in both black and white colors. So, pack it according to your taste!


  • The only thing found irritating is the force break feature which makes the rider to apply breaks after it has reached the 10mph speed. Rather it wouldn’t have any problem with gaining speed of 15mph.

Segway miniPro has been made for the customers who want security, exquisiteness and performance and reliability in one package.

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Hoverbird is Canada’s newest technology results which can be right under your feet. It is two-wheeled hoverboard which glides you smoothly like that in the air. To know more about this product and understand whether you are going to buy it or not! Read the following completely which explains every feature to be considered.

hoverbird I5 great hoverboardWhy choose HOVERBIRD I5?

It’s a right question to ask “Why to buy this product?” but if you are a smooth glider who wants speed and smooth ride than this is definitely for you. Following are the features which you would need to reduce your doubt about buying hoverboard.

  • Easy to learn and navigate
  • Reliable state of auto-balancing ability
  • Smooth ride with jerk free travel
  • Less charging time more distance covered
  • Water resistant and for rides on sturdy areas

Recommended for?
If you are adventure lover then this product is recommended for you as its features are all according to your harsh travels.

Features and Performance:

  • Cruise with drape: Hoverbird lets you boast up to 8 mph at top speed within a mile range of 11 miles in one charging.
  • UL 2272 certified: If you worry about your security issue then don’t worry as it is being proven by all safety and electrical tests.
  • New Features: This drape hoverboard’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumper along with two riding modes
  • Sentry Shield smart battery: Its smart battery management system provides different layered hoverboard protection
  • Sturdy Power: It has been upgraded to 300W motor power
  • Gear Stability: Its gear stabilization is also included in its feature especially for tighter control and as well downhill track.
  • Charging Time: It takes less than 1.5 hours to be charged and takes up to 7-11 miles


  • Easy-moving
  • High demand for HoveBird’s made this affordable as well
  • Smaller in size and easily transferable
  • Less charging time
  • Stylish frame


  • The cost Factor which is a bit costly
  • Overheating issue
  • Cannot use it everywhere as there are restrictions on its usage
  • A bit tricky Riding

So you must have read all the features and I am sure you have found what you needed as this gives you access to a good hoverboard with different features you would like to get.

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5.  SKQUE X:

Skque is simply an unmatched product from the family of Segway with a feature to be called as Hand’s Free Segway.

Why choose SKQUE? For deciding whether you want this hoverboard or not you must dive into the features of Skque to know that you really need this. Its features are all non-deniable because:

Skque X1 hoverboard to buyBalance with your one feet: You will be able to balance yourself with your one foot and its automatic system does the rest.

Accessibility for the rider: It is very responsive to the directions of the user, so you can go straight. Turn it around in 360 degrees which is easily accessible for you.

Charging time: Charging is one of the most unlikable work in one’s life. So, hoverboard is being charged for just 1-2 hours then you can enjoy 10-15 miles ride.

Recommended for?
Beginners, Celebrities and even children who have the craze for technology can make utmost use of this device. If you want to make your hobby more colorful then do make use of Skque’s features.

Structure and Design:

  • Stylish: A lot of light variance, high-quality LEDs are for making it more stylish for the appearance is everything types people.
  • Metal Chassis: The skque has got meta chassis which supports most part of hoverboard market.
  • Strong Battery: NO need to worry about battery life as it provides an excellent battery life with fast charging experience for you.
  • Wireless Remote Control: The economic convenience makes the user have a comfortable experience with the product which is given by the wireless control.

Features and Performance:

  • Bluetooth enabled: Its Bluetooth enabling feature makes it an easy to control tool for you.
  • Ride at Night: Party at night? Then this would be a great companion to you as it has LED lights to make your path visible to you.
  • Parking reliable: It can be easily parked within your access through your Mobile phone.
  • Self-Balancing Ride: You will regret if you don’t experience its self-balancing technology which makes every practice with it quite enjoyable for you.
  • 8 Inch Wheels: This feature makes you feel comfortable with your trust for security and safety.
  • Are You Worried About Weight? No need to worry anymore because it is able to have riders on it up to 120 kg!


  • Less charging time.
  • Load Friendly
  • Colors and design variance
  • Smart balancing wheels suitable for children


  • The speed of just 6.2 isn’t good enough for speed craze people but is fine enough for kids who are not concerned with much speed.
  • Wheels of 6.5 inch might be uncomfortable for rough tracks.

It’s an unbiased review of the product of Segway which by all its advantages and as well the disadvantages has been given to you. Still, this product has been one of those ones which are really offered by customers.

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6. Mega Wheels: Top Rated Hoverboard

mega wheels hoverboard to buyIn the market of hoverboards there are many companies offering with the low price, but do they all ensure the quality as the Mega Wheel gives? At such an affordable price? There are few distinctions which will make you buy the Mega Wheel Hover boards instead of others.

Why choose this Mega Wheels? UL2272 Certified & Approved by CPSC which means it would be ideal for your young one’s safety.



Recommended for?
If you are worried about your child’s safety, don’t lack them inside the home but can provide them this hoverboard which has limited features very much suitable for your child.


  • Speed: Its speed is 7.5mph which is suitable for your children and adults as well.
  • Climbing Limit: Up to 16 degrees it can climb which means not made for the Hilly areas.
  • Charging Time: It takes 2-3 hours for charging
  • Load Capacity: up to 224lbs it can have weight so it’s being specified for children
  • Distance to cover: It can ride you for about 7-10 miles on one charging.
  • UL2272 certified: So don’t worry about your child’s safety as it has been proved by tests.
  • Quality Battery: Li-ion Battery of 25.9V
  • Top LED flashlight: It enables you to have a sight of the roads at night as well
  • Bluetooth enabled: It is, of course, imperfect without Bluetooth feature which is also included in this product.


  • It is the most suitable product for your child.
  • Bluetooth enabled device control
  • Anti-fire plastic cover
  • The wide range of colors


  • Not suitable for hilly areas
  • Not for taking sharp turns
  • Distance covered in one charging is less

It is not as good as previous hoverboards but still a good one for your child according to its specific features.

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7.  Jetson V8

This hoverboard is what you will be needed to take if you need fun to be experienced. Its 8 inch broad board make sit flexible and comfortable for customer. So if you are looking for fun with a lot of variations with trustworthiness then this package is available to you in this form.

To whom it is recommended?
It is highly recommended for adults having harsh hobbies as it has a harsh speed to be practiced. So speed lovers here comes your kind of thing!

jetson V8 hoverboardDesign and Structure:

  • Automatic Two Wheel experience: its automatic feature makes you to gain your balance and not to fall down!
  • LED Lights: Yeah its containing a pair of LED lights which you can use while riding at night, you can also change the color & brightness of LED lights.
  • Bluetooth control: Don’t think its uncontrollable! It’s all in your single touch in your smart phone. So, enjoy having fun with your hoverboard!

Feature and Performance:

  • All Performer Motherboard: Its having a sturdy motherboard having a pair of gyro sensors with strong shell. With itself.
  • No Fat Burn: It can lift to 130 kg! don’t worry to lose weight and being worried about using it. Be confident!
  • Charging Time: It can be charged easily in just 2-3 hours.
  • Dual Motors: Dual motor at either side of the wheel having a power of 500W each! Isn’t it amazing?
  • UL 2272 Certification: Its certified by several tests which have proved its ability to be used safely by you. So, don’t be hesitant!
  • Durable and Reliable: its material of made has been reported as a good one for which it can be a durable and reliable companion to you in your speed up life!


  • UL 2272 Certification, safe use!
  • For ride in compact places, ideal one as it has Zero turning radius
  • Charging time of 2-3 hours only
  • Powered by two motors of 500W!
  • Bluetooth and LED Lights options available
  • You can see real time speed, distance covered via smartphone app


  • No valve stem extension for air pumping
  • Rubber foot mats are absent on the edges of the board

I would be giving 4 stars out of 5 to this hoverboard after checking all of its features. Though there is always a door open for improvement in the world of electronics.

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8.  SWAGTRON T6Best Hoverboard for Adventure

If you are an adventure lover and must go to hilly and rough roads always, then don’t be hesitant as this product has been made for customers like you.

To whom it is recommended?
Its recommended for all the adventure philic adults who have to experience harsh paths, so their companion should be harsh enough. Don’t worry as you have found your companion!

SWAGTRON T6 hover boardStructure and Design:

  • FOR ALL GLIDERS – The T6 can take up to 420lbs which means riders of all shapes and sizes can experience this.
  • ALL TERRAIN – Incline up to 30 degrees and Roll over bumps, or travel through mud or rain, T^ is your best partner.
  • 12 MILE RANGE – T6 has the 12-mile range and as well able to speed up to 12 mph!
  • 10″ ROUGH TIRES – Dual rugged, 10″ tubeless tires designed for all travel patterns
  • ROCK WHILE YOU Glide –Music? Travel with music as it has Bluetooth connected speakers


  • Tires: 10 inches of air-filled rugged tires mounted above the ground. A jeep experiences!
  • Dual Sturdy Motors: It’s been granted with 350W of powerful motors so that you can glide as much as you want to.
  • Sentry Shield multilayer battery protection: Its battery is being protected by a shield which makes you flexible to the harsh environment.
  • Speed! Yeah 10 mph is fine for you? No, then what about 12 mph? It will be great this speed in rough roads!
  • Bluetooth control: Being able to control everything? Now you can control your hoverboard as well.


  • Load capacity of 400 lbs!
  • Able to travel through variety of landscapes
  • Hand Carrying friendly
  • LED lights and non slippery footpads increases in the amount of stability.
  • Speed of 12 mph!


  • Bit Costly

The only feature which was not acceptable by the customers was its price which in my opinion fair enough because you can get everything in one package!

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9. Eyourlife Hoverboard

You must be looking for the handsome framed and as well a good performer hoverboard for yourself or giving as a gift to any of your near one. Now it’s easy for you to choose as Eyourlife is here to fulfill your needs.

Eyourlife Hoverboard to buyWhy Choose Eyourlife?

There are number of reasons to choose this as your hoverboard. Let find more by getting into further details so that you can comfortably choose this.

  • First of all its safety is being attested and certified by the UL 2272 Smart C. and has undergone a comprehensive testing and proved to be completely safe and no chance to get fire.
  • Its powerful and resistive body with aluminum alloy.
  • The outer body is being tested under a 10-ton crush test and a drop test for the safety and durability.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth and mobile friendly features through an app of CHIC compatible with both Android and iOS.

To whom it is recommended?
Its recommended for all those who wants perfection in everything! So here is the product you would need to buy.

Features and Structure:

  • Includes temperature sensors that can detect and indicate if the speed goes too fast.
  • Battery charging protection is upgraded and ensures the safety and charging to be completed in a cool temperature.
  • The Safety feature of it make sure to alert and cut down the power by slowing down to avoid overcharge.
  • Exceeding the speed limits will inform to and alert to use it in safer speed.
  • It can easily incline up to 15 Degrees.
  • LED lights helps one to ride in the night as well without any fear or losing one’s footings.
  • Its body structure and material ensure the safety for the inner machine and features.
  • 6.5” solid tires are very effective to terrains
  • Bluetooth: It is Bluetooth Enabled.
  • Service Guarantee: One-year warranty after-sale


  • Strong motors for harsh drives
  • Structural design ensures strong grip and easy balancing function.
  • LEDs ensures a safe ride with fun
  • Price is most affordable


  • Battery charging time is more than other hoverboards

In this modern era the when people started using hoverboards for going purpose, CHIC also introduced its Eyourlife hoverboards to ease the life of the and surely the safety and security.

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10.  SagaPlay F1 : Best Racing Hoverboard

Today when the market is being full of products of hoverboards for kids but the quality and the safety of most of the products is not best. To counter this problem SagaPlay introduces its product totally in favor of children safety, SagaPlay F1.

SagaPlay F1 hoverboardWhy Choose this product?

Are you really looking for the best and safe hoverboard for your child? Then now have a look why SagaPlay F1 would be the best choice.

  • Safety: first and foremost, CSA / UL 2272 Certified
  • Though designed for kids, yet a teenager or younger adults can use it
  • Contains two powerful motors resulting in reliable performance

Recommended for?
Eye catching design are the best for kids , yet your adults can have fun with its solid frame as well.

Structure and Design:

  • Solid Rubber tires
  • Two 250-W motors make its performance reliable
  • Reaches up to 10 mph and cover the range of 13 miles
  • Rapid charging time of 2 hours

Features and Performance:

  • Non-Slip Gripping for safety
  • LED lights for visibility in dark


  • Extensively tested for safety
  • Fast Charging and easy to use
  • Fast Speed and a nice range of travel


  • Limitations with the weight
  • No Bluetooth Speaker
  • It’s not waterproof

With all its features, design, power, and performances, and notably being designed for kids one cannot get anything better than this in this prize.

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Fastest Hoverboards Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a much hurry and there is no time for more thinking, then just skim through following points:

  • Age limitation of the hoverboards shall be considered.
  • Desired Speed should be noticed in the features of hoverboard.
  • All its Certification must be read for assuring your safe ride.
  • It should take few hours to be charged.
  • Light weighted hoverboards are preferable.
  • Your area’s law regarding use of hoverboards should be considered the most.

The technology used in hoverboard
The technology of self-balancing hoverboards is a special type which was firstly introduced in the world of Technology in 2010. Same was being used in hoverboard as well. The motherboard is its main component which plays the vital role in the whole system.

The motherboard is the brain of the hoverboard. All the components of hoverboard is being connected with the motherboard. It control every movement of the board. How it controls? There comes the role of Gyroscopes.

Gyroscope is a board which is fitted in the sides of each wheels and such that it is responsible for connecting with motherboard and reporting every action taken by the wheels. Its direction, leaning and weight are the different factors which are sensed by gyroscopes which is then reported to motherboard. Here motherboard give commands to different parts for what to do and how! If we keen closer, it’s just like the human body that it works! So, the main technology is our own body!

The origin of hoverboard

justin bieber hoverboard brand

Justin Bieber; Source AKM-GSI

Hoverboards were just a hypothesis before its advent in 2015. The year when it came and blew a new soul in the structure of technology. Its main theory was to combine the skateboard and scooter which resulted in the automatic two wheeled skateboard having engines to be rode with. Though its advent had a downfall at the beginning, but it rose eventually as its interesting features caught the eyes of the customers.

Its life was simple but as its interest got attention, different companies started making new models of hoverboards along with unique exciting features. Most renowned models were Mattel hoverboard, No Tech hoverboard, Pit Bull hoverboard, Question Mark hoverboard, Rising Sun hoverboard.

Its introduction was just for the children but as heed increased different featured models came for different purposes. And now we talked about the most featured and fastest hoverboards of 2018.

Fastest Hoverboards FAQs

What is known by UL Certification?

UL certification is a proof for submitting the safety and performance of a hoverboard after testing it for several conditions.

What is smart board?

Smart board in another name for the automatic balancing hoverboards.

Who invented the hoverboard?

It was firstly invented by Shane Chen, a Chinese technologist.

What is the age limit for hoverboards?

Age limit is for people from 6 years to 50 years old.

What is the weight limitation of hoverboards?

The maximum weight attained by a hoverboard is 230 lbs.

What is the maximum size of the tires?

The size of wheels that hoverboard has 8 inches.

What is the maximum speed attained by the hoverboards?

The maximum speed inside secure range is 11mph.

What is the longest distance travelled by the hoverboards in one charging limit?

The longest travel in one charge has been 12.5 miles.

What is minimum charging time for a hoverboard?

Minimum charging time for the hoverboard is 1.5 hours

What kind of battery is used in hoverboards?

Samsung/LG Lithium-ion battery is mainly used in hoverboards of good quality.


The hoverboards when entered into our world has gained a special kind of interest among people and man of technology. Not only it has made life easier but also fun. Its features and characteristics are fun for people of every age. Even sportsman and celebrities have started making us of this device. This was revolution that this small device gained much fame in the market in just 2 years that most of the well-known companies have started to produce this machine according to the need and demand of it. Nowadays the most wanted hoverboards have been replaced by the Fastest Hoverboards which the revolutionized source of credit to its invention. So, don’t stay behind technology and get your first product now! Good luck with your journey with the best technological partner of your adventures!

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