Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Buyer’s Guide

Airsoft Rifles are super classy and powerful, today we are going to reveal the Best airsoft sniper rifle you can buy in 2018. For starters and most important of all is while choosing the rifle consider these things; both electric, gas or spring can achieve good results, each has its advantages and disadvantages, there are some other factor too like barrel length, material, accessories rail, and ammunition, but well that is to enter into technical issues, So, we are done with some formal overview.

Now look at the comparison table, I will provide you additional information that is going to assist you in the Buyer’s Guide later.

How to use Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Comparison Table

S.NoProduct NameRatingVelocityMagazine
Price $$
1ALL METAL SVDS Airsoft Sniper Rifle Aftermath Socom4.0400 FPS200 Rounds check price
2UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle4.2430-460 FPS30 Rounds check price
3Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle4.0425 FPS29 Rounds check price
4UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle4.0460 FPS check price
5Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle B1155 (Editor's Choice)4.5800 FPS50 Rounds check price
6BBTAC BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action3.9400+ FPS check price
7BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun Fully Automatic Electric Rifle4.0400+ FPS25 Rounds check price
8BBTac M305P Airsoft Gun M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle3.8280 to 300 FPS37 Rounds check price
9Wellfire aps sr-2 modular Sniper Rifle mb06a3.8450-460 FPS27 Rounds check price
10Heckler & Koch 416 AEG Black Electric Air Soft4.3300+ FPS220-round check price

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2018 Reviews

1. Metal SVDS Aftermath Socom: Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you are looking for spring sniper rifle that performs well and realistic looks I will suggest you Spring Aftermath Dragunov SVDS Sniper Rifle Black Airsoft Gun. It is also known as Dragunov, this amazing airsoft rifle has extremely powerful spring powered slide cocking action making it able to shoot 12 BBs are a blistering 400 feet per second, The gun features a foldable stock that can accommodate users of any body type. , An adjustable hop-up unit lets you adjust the accuracy on all your long distance shots in the battlefield.

ALL METAL SVDS Airsoft Sniper Rifle Aftermath SocomIt is equipped with a metal cylinder assembly and metal trigger assembly for reliability and durability, people choose this rifle due to the following reasons,

  • It has side folding rear stock
  • Adjustable cheek rest for stability and control while shooting
  • Full Metal Body Construction
  • Side Folding Rear Stock
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest
  • AK Scope/Rail Mount
  • Heavy Weight Design
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Lightweight and accurate


  • FPS: 400 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 200 RDs
  • Size: 43 Inches (33 Inches With The Stock Folded)
  • Gun Length 43 1/4″ extended, 33 1/4″ Stock Folded
  • Gun Weight 7.8LBS, 200 Round removable magazine
  • Adjustable HOP-Up, Full metal body, parts, and internals
  • High Velocity of 400 FPS using .20 gram bbs
  • Gun Length (Stock Extended): 43 1/4″ Long
  • Gun Length (Stock Folded): 33 1/4″ Long
  • Gun Weight: 7.8 Pounds
  • 200 Round Removable Magazine
  • Slide Cocking Action, Spring Piston Engine
  • Adjustable Hop-Up with Repeater Action
  • Post-Globe Front Site, Flip Up Adjustable Back Site
  • Manual Safety Feature
  • Full metal body, parts, and internals
  • Smooth Bore Barrel
  • Composite Grip
  • Adjustable cheek rest and Folding Stock
  • Includes Instruction Manual
  • This gun is licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, and the original equipment manufacturer of the legendary SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.

The package Includes:

The Dragunov SVD-S Sniper Rifle is one of the all-around best sniper rifle packages available.

  • Spring Aftermath Dragunov SVDS Sniper Rifle Black Airsoft Gun
  • 200 Round Magazine

Ammo type:  .12g BBs


  • It’s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained
  • Requires no batteries or gas to activate
  • Most durable of all Airsoft Guns
  • Made with few breakable pieces


  • Must be cocked for each shot
  • Spring Guns are the toughest
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun

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2. UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

UTG AccuShot Rifle is a high power and long range Airsoft Sniper Rifle. It is cleverly designed Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor to shoot targets a normal AEG can’t even begin to reach. It is capable of hitting body sized targets at 200+ feet on a stable basis. If you are looking for a powerful spring rifle which provides pinpoint accuracy, effective long-range shooting and delivers unbelievable performance then UTG AccuShot is suitable for you. It is truly one of the best performing Sniper Rifles on the market and it is desired by many people due to the following features;

  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Assembled with 1 piece precious metal barrel
  • Effective long-range shooting
  • Equipped with a complete Picatinny mounting rail system
  • Foldable bipod complete with cleverly designed tri-rail bipod adaptor
  • Ultimate bolt action airsoft spring rifle
  • It also includes a spare magazine
  • Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
  • It comes with a Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling
  • Made with few breakable pieces

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper RifleWith unmatched power, range and accuracy you won’t go wrong with the Shadow Ops!

It is spring loaded and ultimate bolt action spring for high powered shooting, a spring loaded speed loader and a tactical sniper rifle sling.
Lending a weight relieved feel that won’t be a hassle to carry for extended skirmishes.


  • FPS: 430-460 w/.20g BBs
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Weight: 7.36 lbs

The package Includes:

  • Delux Picatinny mount
  • Foldable bipod
  • Spare magazine
  • Spring-loaded speed loader
  • Tactical sniper rifle sling
  • Sniper Rifle

Ammo type:  .20g BBs


  • It’s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained
  • Requires no gas or batteries to operate


  • Shoots one shot at a time
  • Must be cocked for each shot
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest

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3. Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine: Light Weight Airsoft Rifle

The Game Face GF529 Airsoft Rifle is made using top quality components a feature you will see in best-rated airsoft sniper rifles is a metal barrel. It gives you a high degree of accuracy you are not conceivable to get with a plastic barrel.

The carbine (smaller than a rifle barrel) is a best airsoft sniper rifle for those who like to move around a lot. The smaller barrels can help with movability, in the field while still giving you the accuracy you need to take the shot.

Long barrels do help with accuracy, but if you can get closer to your target, you are much more possible to hit your target.

The Game Face GF529 is wishing many people due to the following features.

  • 1 piece precision metal barrel for improved long-range shooting
  • Easy to load magazine holds 29 rounds
  • Spring powered airsoft sniper rifle
  • 6mm Airsoft/upto 425 FPS
  • Dual Picatinny accessory rails
  • Adjustable hop-up system

Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft RifleSpecification:

  • .12G BB VELOCITY Up To 425 Fps
  • .20G BB VELOCITY Up To 350 Fps
  • Weight: 5 Lbs

The package Include:

  • ammo speed loader, cleaning rod, and magazine
  • A synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad
  • Includes ammo speed loader, 29-round magazine and cleaning rod

Ammo type:  .12g & .20g BBs


  • High quality and Performance tested
  • The most reliable name is Airsoft accessories and equipment
  • Never jammed


  • There is no as such problem of this rifle

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4. UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle

The UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft master Rifle, is a most modern rifle in the market. It is outstanding performance spring powered Airsoft sniper rifle with a new 5th generation bolt and reinforced safety. It’s a replica of the powerful M700 rifle used by military professionals and law enforcement all over the world.

If you are looking for a light body and long range with extreme power rifle then it ideal for you. It is suggested for beginners to professional level.

Many people wish for UTF sport due to the following features;

  • Extremely High degree Metal Contents,
  • Including Barrel, Bolt/Cocking instrument, and Trigger
  • Long Range with extreme Power
  • Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • BB Speed Loader
  • Spare Magazine
  • A Picatinny optics rail is ready for your preferred optics
  • A tactical bipod helps steady your shots.

UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper RifleSpecification

  • Polymer Stock with Metal Barrel
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Scope Rail: Picatinny Weaver
  • Effective Range: 200-250 Feet
  • 460 fps 

The Package Includes:

Gun, Bipod, Two Magazines, Manual, Speed Loader UTG rifle sling.

Ammo type:  .20g BBs


  • High power, long range accuracy
  • Spare magazine
  • Lightweight solid and well built
  • Can be used by beginners


  • Less consistent

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5. Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle B1155Best Rated Rifle (Editor’s Choice)

The Black Ops B1155 Junior Sniper Rifle is a multi-pump pneumatic rifle. Multi-pumps have a benefit over all other types of air gun power plant. You do not have to go with full power if not you want to. If you are in the mood for some easy target shooting in the backyard, pump it up a couple of times, no need to put a lot of muscle power into it. It has Scope and fiber optic sights both fixed and adjustable. It has a tactical rail system. If you are looking for a rifle that delivers hours of fun for everyone in the family & friends it will be suitable for you.

Many people like B1155 rifle due to the following features

  • Multi pump rifle
  • Scope and fiber optic sights
  • Tactical rail system
  • Black Ops Junior Sniper air rifle
  • 2-10 pumps (never exceed 10 pumps)
  • Bolt-action
  • 50rd BB repeater
  • Single-shot pellet shooter
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 3/8″ optics rail
  • Weaver/Picatinny accessory rails on forearm sides

Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle B1155Specification:

  • .177 cal. BB or pellet ammo with steel rifled barrel
  • 20″ steel rifled barrel
  • 50 shot BB or single shot pellet capacity 800 fps max velocity

The package Includes

  • Manual safety
  • Black synthetic stock
  • 6 lbs., 2 oz. trigger-pull
  • 41 lbs. with scope and mount
  • 669 fps with 10 pumps shooting 7.10-grain pellets and 675 fps with 10 pumps shooting steel BBs
  • 4×15 scope, 2-piece mount and lens covers

Ammo type:  .177 cal BBs


  • Multi-pump rifle
  • Shooting straight and accurate
  • Very solid plastic body & adjustable scope


  • Loud pumping action

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6. BBTAC BT59  Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action

BBTAC BT59 Airsoft Sniper is astonishing spring rifle. Its reproduction of the L96 AWP Sniper Rifle. (The AWP stands for Arctic Warfare Police). Your airsoft gun would get a smidge cold and might not fire. This is where the Arctic Warfare Police alternate comes in. It prospers in the cold.

This is a version of the L96 sniper rifle adapted for the thrilling cold. This rifle has seen in video games like Counter-Strike. BBTAC come with the magazine that may hold around 25 rounds of BBs. It has an adjustable hop up system. The rifle body is fully covered with Sturdy ABS plastic.

Many people desired for BBTAC BT59 due to the following features

  • No batteries or gas required to perform; Cock and shoot for spring airsoft rifles
  • Has rails on the most sensible and bottom of scope and bipod attachments
  • Adjustable hop up system

BBTAC BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt ActionSpecification

The rifle itself can hearth approximately 400+ FPS the use of 0.20g BBs.

The package Includes

Comes with mag, sling, scope, and bipod


  • Easy to use/assemble (just pick-up and start using instantaneously)
  • Replica of L96 AWP Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • Realistic scope & accuracy is more than Expectation
  • Extremely smooth bolt

Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier BBs


  • Require you to cock every time to shoot
  • Plastic body

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7. BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft GunFully Automatic Electric Rifle

BBTAC BT-M82 airsoft gun is a totally automatic electric rifle. It has semi and fully automatic firing modes so you can easily pick your shorts. It comes with all the accessories you need to finish the job. If you are looking for an automatic electric rifle that shoots very fast and continuous fire fun then it’s ideal for you, just push your finger on the trigger and watch those BB flooded out in a straight line.  It is favored by many peoples due to the following features.

  • Solid plastic assembly
  • Electric Rifle
  • Semi and fully automatic firing system
  • Adjustable hop up system
  • Flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Folding stock
  • Silencer for silent mode
  • Front grip

BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun Fully Automatic Electric Rifle 


  • FPS: 200 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Size: 28 Inches

The package Includes:

  • BBTac M82 Assault Rifle
  • Silencer
  • Front Grip
  • Flashlight
  • electric red-dot sight
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sling
  • BB Loader
  • 100 Sample BBs
  • 2V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery
  • 2V Charger

Ammo type:  Seamless 0.12g or heavier BBs


  • Does not required any pumping
  • Semi and fully automatic shooting system
  • Easy to operate, Point and shoot
  • Very accurate and inexpensive


  • Using anything else as ammo for this gun will void the warranty
  • Battery removal and charge
  • You must be 18 years or older age to purchase this Airsoft gun

Caution: Please only use .20 gram high-quality BBs with this item in order to keep it in working order.

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8. BBTac M305P Airsoft Gun M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

 The M14 spring airsoft Sniper Rifle is a high power and long range airsoft gun. It has proven its practicality in many diverse fights. If you are searching for the best airsoft spring sniper rifle why not you get the one built on real-world fighter like the M14.

The M14 spring Rifle is favored by many people due to the following features.

  • Spring airsoft sniper rifle
  • Extreme power and long range
  • Looks feels, weighs, and functions just like a real M14 rifle, but safer
  • Adjustable hop-up system and speed loader

Like the real M14, you can add all sorts of accessories to this 1:1 airsoft replica.  A simple sling can make transporting this sharpshooter special a lot easier.

(Using this accurate rifle for training, instead of a real M14, will give you the calmness that you can’t extremely wound anyone if there is an accident.

The weight and 1:1 replication assure you would not improve muscle memory learning on a gun that’s totally different than its real-world counterpart.

 BBTac M305P Airsoft Gun M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle


  • Velocity of 280 to 300 fps, with range of 120 feet
  • Includes adjustable hop-up and speed loader
  • 37-round magazine; comes with barrel cleaning rod

The package Includes:

  • Rifle
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Speed loader

Ammo type:


  • Full-blown replica of M14 automatic rifle
  • High Power Long Range and accurate shooting
  • Mostly metal construction


  • No scope included.
  • Single shot spring powered

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9. Wellfire aps sr-2 mb06a Modular Sniper Rifle

The wellfire APS SR-2 sniper rifle has full metal structure, now a day its favorite in airsoft sniper rifle around the internet. It is a unique sniper rifle and has a great design. If you are looking for a heavy weigh rifle then it suitable for you because this rifle is extremely heavy with a 1 piece full metal sniper barrel.  The body is well finished and most essentially, it shoots tremendously hard and very accurately.

You should not need to fear about banging it around a little when you are running or crawling to your next hide.

Many people wish for wellfire APS SR-2 because of the following features

  • Stylish
  • adjustable rear stock for multi-variable shooting
  • adjustable hop up system
  • powerful spring and heavy-duty bolt
  • extremely long barrel
  • power and accuracy are ensured
  • reliable when it comes to quality and whole shooting performance

Wellfire aps sr-2 modular Sniper Rifle mb06aSpecifications:

  • Operation:  Bolt Action
  • Bolt Action single shot firing modes
  • Velocity:  450-460 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
  • Magazine:  27-round magazine
  • Rifle Weight:  5.5 pounds

The Package includes:

  • Rifle
  • instruction manual
  • magazine
  • Allen wrench

Ammo type:  0.20gram seamless BBs, 0.25gram seamless BBs, 0.30gram seamless BBs


  • Internal is made up of Metal, plastic outside
  • Very lightweight, durable and accurate shooting
  • It has Folding stock


  • No sights included
  • The Rifle does not usually come with accessories (scope & stand)
  • Little heavy Weight:  5.5 pounds

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10. Heckler & Koch 416 AEG Black Electric Air SoftMost Accurate

The Heckler & Koch 416 AEG is new fully automatic electric airsoft rifle. This electric rifle is a full-scale replica of the classic Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle. It has an unmatched realistic look integrated rail system. If you are beginner airsoft player and want a compact and lightweight rifle then it’s an ideal for you. It is full auto airsoft rifle capable of firing over 300 feet per second. This AEG can exactly hit man size targets at over 75 feet away!  It has a rechargeable battery and high capacity magazine, many people desire for H&K 416 for the following features.

  • Semi and full automatic
  • Flip-up front & back sights
  • Full metal inner barrel
  • Picatinny rail & monolithic top rail
  • Integrated polymer rail system
  • Fully adjustable hop up chamber and crane stock
  • Robust ABS plastic body
  • Plenty of space for attaching additional tactical accessories
  • Shot velocity of 330-340 fps (using .12g BBs)
  • licensed H & K trademarks

 Heckler & Koch 416 AEG Black Electric Air Soft


  • Operation:  Electric Automatic
  • Semi & Full-automatic firing modes
  • functional safety mode
  • Muzzle Velocity:  300+ FPS (with 0.20g BBs)
  • Effective Range:  75-100 ft.
  • Inner Barrel Length:  290mm
  • Length:  28″ in. (Retracted); 31″ in. (Extended)
  • Weight:  5 pounds
  • Battery Type:  7.2v Nunchuck Battery (Compatible with 8.4v nunchuck battery)

The package Includes

  • Rifle
  • Brass ported cylinder
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wall charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Two point sling
  • 220-round hi-cap magazine

Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.


  • Ready for battle right out of the box
  • Fires quicker than other polymer gearboxes AEGs
  • Most accurate plastic AEGs
  • Can be carried easily during long airsoft wars
  • Sling mounts for an additional carrying option


  • Cannot be upgraded

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Airsoft Sniper Rifle Buyer’s Guide

The Sniper Rifle is most wanted by many novices, and my experience says that especially in novices who have played or play pc games or console where the enemy is killed by putting the point Middle of the crosshead in the body. That’s a real farce because in real rifles like in airsoft there are external factors like wind, humidity, temperature, etc. that affects the shot. These tips are for someone who really Looks for a safriled, expensive role, where very few casualties are made, but for those of us who like it, it is very comforting. Before buying airsoft sniper rifle we consider the following things;

Build Material
The material of the rifle should be considered, a worthy airsoft sniper rifle will always have a metal barrel. The metal barrel allows the spring to be durable and give accurateness in short. A durable spring means you can push the BB out at a higher velocity. In simple words, we can say it will hit your target with more impact.

Accessory Rails
A rail for a scope on the rifle is important. A slight magnification is beneficial, you do not need a super powerful scope. All you required is a red dot. Keep in mind that you are shooting less than 220 feet, you don’t need any magnification if your targets at 32 feet. It will be unclear when you have a 3x scope and are trying to shoot something at the 32-foot range

Few of the rifle in the above list doesn’t come with accessories, some include a scope and other required accessories for operation. Always choose the rifle that comes with accessories.

As you have seen on the above list of Top airsoft sniper rifle, the weight of the ammo used in a rifle is important, you have seen most of them take 6mm BB. If the ammo is too light it will not go very far and when the ammo is too heavy it would not go far either. You have to choose a plastic BB that’s a little heavier than the .20gram.

Gun or Rifle?

Our recommendation is always to start with a rifle, we are totally sure that Airsoft will love you and that you will not regret that extra expense that is a long weapon, also the first experience will be much more positive, because you will be more competitive, since, with a Pistol and inexperience, you will only miss the target on the back to be the favorite target of the veterans. A good burst, always crouching many heads, and although you do not eliminate anyone, the smile you take:

More precision, more range, more shot ratio, more ammunition, are the undoubted advantages of a long gun in front of a pistol

If your budget is adjusted, always remember that with only the rifle you will be able to play perfectly and be “lethal” in almost all the games to which you go, only with the pistol duck of fair.

Advantages of Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

  1. An airsoft sniper does not usually shoot much, as his job is usually to explore, inform and make accurate shots. Did you ever happen to anyone in a game as a sniper of not even finishing a single loader?? That’s why airsoft sniper is not as exciting as a rifleman.
  2. An airsoft sniper needs to know how to blend perfectly with the environment, not to be seen, that is to say, you have to choose very well how you are going to get dressed. A good airsoft sniper walks very slowly, it’s not John Rambo running through the middle of the jungle, The slower you are, the more discreet and effective you will be.
  3. A good airsoft sniper knows how to choose the best shooting positions, which best angle of view gives you and which best escape routes provide if you will not receive PVC again.
  4. A good sniper must know his replica better than anyone, in order to get the most out of it and be effective. If you do not want to spend a money in a folder, let’s say a BT-M82 if you do not know how to use it. It is to throw the money, not to have the best replica of the market you will be a good sniper.
  5. A sniper will usually be alone on the battlefield, or at most two, rare thing and specialized people, a shooter and an observer. If you are alone you will always be in numerical inferiority and once you hit a shot if they hear you and come from where the shot comes out think you’re going to be sprayed with PVC and removed.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle FAQs

What is Airsoft?

It a military replication sport in which military tactic and fake weapons are used to combat. These guns generally use 6mm solid plastic’s round pellets. It was first designed in the US about 32 years ago. It was created for purely recreational activity in mind, who practice or having fun with friends.

How realistic is an Airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are very realistic. Sometimes law enforcement constables are not able to differentiate them from the real guns.

Can these gun cause damages?

Yes, though they can’t cause any life-threatening injuries, carefulness is required. If BB’s smash the eye you can become sightless.

How do I carry an airsoft gun?

You should always be carrying your airsoft gun in the plastic case.

How to differentiate between a real gun and an airsoft gun?

All airsoft guns have an orange tip, it shows that the gun is not real.

My gun does not shoot at the desired FPS

The selection of Airsoft gun and its Hop upsetting has a large effect on the fps of the gun.

What is BBs and which one should I use?

BB is a small round plastic ball used as ammo for an airsoft gun, it depends on your airsoft rifle, and for all above 500 fps try to go with BBs with at least 0.4g.

BB is curving to the left or right

The reason of BB curving is an issue with hop-up rubber or hop-up chamber, make sure there is no wind when shooting. Consult rifle expert to fix for you.

My bolt-pull is fairly hard

The bolt-pull should be smooth and not rough. If you are facing a hard bolt pull which is nearly terrible to pull, this can be due to many reasons, the most common reason of the hard bolt pull is that the spring guide stopper is not in the right place.



So this was the all the information about the best airsoft sniper rifle, and we hope it will be beneficial for you, make sure you have viewed this article before buying the best airsoft sniper rifle for yourself or for anyone who loves rifle shooting.

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